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The fashion show web-site for publishing professionals


With Gorunway you can view images from the New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion shows and carry out a focused search by item of clothing, colour, fabric, etc.

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Gorunway has been thought up specifically for professionals working in fashion publishing, to help them quickly find the images they need to illustrate their articles on fashion shows.

It allows you to search amongst thousands of catwalk, accessory, beauty and reportage images, to find those which specifically meet your needs. The user can then collect the images in personal files (lightboxes) before carrying out a final editing for print.

Gorunway has been thought up to avoid time-consuming editing for each show. You can, in fact, view the complete fashion show of one designer, or all the images of a single model. You can also select, for example, white shirts shown in the Milan and Paris shows, or all yellow or blue fantasy print shown in New York, or all low sandals shown in the Armani and Prada shows, and so on.